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Iit is about time the younger generation gets treated the way it deserves. Unlike many others claim, fun and entertainment were never integrated properly with the adequate education, culture and experience this wide range of eager youth is capable of. (3-15) We see Cloudville as a true life changing experience for any kid or young adolescent where a whole world of discoveries was built around him in the clouds.
Art comes first as inspiration, then talent, craft, culture, health and the joy of gathering.
In a serene and elegant ambiance, kids and young adolescents shall shift from task to task, room to room, tasting a collateral and tailor made wide range of activities, like painting, handcrafts, games, Karaoke, music, acting, lab and sciences, photography… In addition, the personal and emotional state of mind of the kids are the center of attention of several guru instructors, where a huge cloud floats and welcomes kids to relax and meditate.
A trendy spa takes the little ladies into a sweet and cute beauty promenade. When it comes to events and certainly birthdays, Cloudville offers the best venue in the other, whether indoor with breathtaking spots and divisions, or outside between flowers and green, or even both combined.
Cloudville's Café offers parents and any tranquility and quality seekers in the region a friendly atmosphere from morning delights till reviving sunsets.

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